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North Cave Neighbourhood Plan

If you have been redirected here from, that website has been removed, at the request of the Parish Council, following the dissolution of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and pending the Parish Council's review of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

The concluding statement of the Steering Group was published in Village Link February 2016 as follows:

The North Cave Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group met on 13/1/2016 and discussed progress made since the group's formation. It was acknowledged that a very significant piece of good work has been done in the production of the Draft Design Guide which, if progressed to form the core of a Neighbourhood Plan, could have a very positive impact on both future residential development and the streetscene across the Parish.

The Group agreed that it had experienced significant difficulty in attempting to resolve any of the issues around land allocation. These issues included whether the Parish wished to attempt to alter the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's proposed strategic land allocations and how, or indeed if, the Group was capable of undertaking the necessary work to do this.

The Steering Group went on to agree that, in its current form, it would be incapable of progressing the Neighbourhood Plan further. Consequently in a vote, carried by a majority, the group elected to dissolve itself. Prior to dissolution it was agreed that a recommendation be made back to the Parish Council that, at the very least, the Design Guide should be progressed to form a Neighbourhood Plan. This work could be undertaken at relatively little cost by forming a new small task and finish group. It was also felt that the Parish Council should decide if they wish to explore land allocation further. Should this be the case then a separate task and finish group which did not include any land owners or other interested parties would be required.

The Draft Design Guide together with the meeting notes from Steering Group meetings will be published on the Neighbourhood Plan website (NB ,no longer live) to support the Parish Council in its ongoing work. Members of the community who would be interested in helping in this work would be very welcome and can contact Howard Strong, Chair of the Parish Council, via the Clerk as soon as possible and before 15th March 2016 (, or 01430 421779).

James Bailey
Chair, North Cave Neighbourhood Plan
Steering Group