Welcome to Village Link, the newsletter of Hotham, Everthorpe and North Cave

Village Link is published and distributed free of charge to over 1000 homes in the East Yorkshire villages of Hotham, Everthorpe and North Cave. It was set up as a Millennium project in 2000 to continue and extend the functions of the retiring vicar's parish newsletter, which was called 'Towers of Strength'.

Whilst it is now a community - rather than a church - newsletter, it serves the same parishes.

It depends on the efforts of its contributors, editors and distribution network, all given freely. We are very proud of this achievement and believe that Village Link really helps to bring the community together. We welcome and appreciate everyone's involvement and support.

We hope you find this site useful. It includes PDF versions of the last couple of years' issues, notes on flooding in and around the villages, links to relevant organisations, a directory of local businesses, and contact details if you want to get in touch - please do!